Ultrabook with full size keyboard in 2019: Best ultrabook keyboard: Top laptops with full size keyboard: ultrabook with keypad – best ultrabook keyboard for writers

Top laptops with full size keyboard: Best ultrabook with full keyboard in 2019 – best ultrabooks for writers

Finding top ultrabook keyboard laptop model in 2019 is not easy. Let our laptop experts will help you find the best ultrabook with full size keyboard. These laptops are ideal for writers or for those who type a lot on their laptops. Ultrabooks with keypad are gaining a lot of traction as more and more people have started using these thin and light laptops as their main computer.

An ultrabook with keypad and full size keyboard have become very popular in 2019. Believe it or not, we crunch in a lot more numbers than we used to and having a dedicated numpad on your ultrabook makes sense as it improves efficiency by a big margin. By buying the best ultrabook with full size keyboard, you get complete PC experience together with the premiumness of an expensive laptop. Writers and people who type in a lot of data prefer ultrabook keyboards to have decent key pitch so that they mistype less and achieve their usual typing speeds as well.

Best ultrabook with full size keyboard 2019

When buying the best ultrabook with full size keyboard, make sure to get a thin laptop with 14 inch display or more. You will not find them in netbooks because of space constraints. Also, avoid the cheap netbooks at all costs because you will be spending a considerable amount of time looking at the display and we do not want you to have an eye strain.

When you are buying an ultrabook with best keyboard, you are looking for high quality laptop that has high-quality keyboard, thin design, powerful processor and SSD storage. In a high quality keyboard, the keys should have perfect pitch and ideal range is 1.7-1.9mm. Key noise should also be kept when looking for ultrabook with best keyboard. Some people like noisy keyboards while some don’t. The ones we mentioned below do not make a lot of noise because we find noisy-keyboards disturbing. The keys should make a slight clicky mechanical noise and it should not be overly loud.

Best Ultrabooks for writers and ultrabooks with full size keyboards are given below.

Asus F556UA-AB54

Asus F556UA is thin and light laptop packing full size keyboard, full HD display with 1080p resolution and super speedy 256GB SSD and latest i5 processor. It has chiclet style keys that are simply a joy to type upon. If you are looking for best ultrabook with full size keyboard, this is the laptop to go for. Its keys have the right pitch and you will be able to type long documents on without feeling tired. Despite having thin profile, Asus outfitted this ultrabook with full size keyboard. The company is also giving one year accidental damage protection with it that covers accidental drop, liquid spill, fire surge and so on. The Core i5 processor paired with spacious 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM makes this the most well-balanced laptop out there.
Asus F556UA

* 15.6″ full HD 1920×1080 pixel display
* i5 7200u ultrabook processor
* 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

HP 15-ay018nr

HP 15-ay018nr is one of the best selling ultrabook online for a reason. It is thin, light, comes with fast SSD and full HD display. On top of that, a very well designed and roomy keyboard which won’t make you feel tired even after writing a long document or novel. This HP laptop comes with a power-sipping Intel i7 processor that gives great performance without sacrificing on the battery life front. So you will be able to cross six hours with ease. 8GB memory ensures it never hiccups no matter what you do on it. You get flawless supply of power and storage from it. The screen has been given anti-glare coating so you will have no problem working on it even in bright conditions. An excellent ultrabook with full size keyboard.
HP 15-ay013nr

# 15.6″ 1080p display packing 1920×1080 resolution
# 8GB RAM + 256GB SSD
# Core i7-6500u processor, integrated graphics

Asus K501UW

Asus K501UW is a 15.6″ ultrabook with full size keyboard and dedicated Nvidia 960M GPU. This makes it handle any heavy graphic intensive application or game with ease. Processing is handled by Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz processor and backlit keyboard. All those amazing specifications make it one of the best gaming ultrabooks under 1000 and it can play any modern game out there with ease. Having a dedicated GPU in ultrabook also means you can watch and edit 4k content with ease. To keep laptop and keyboard’s palmrest area running cool, Asus has incorporated its Ice Cool technology to keep surface temperatures consistently below body’s temperature. Couple that with its smart dual fan cooling system and you have a winner in your hands. This system makes use of special copper fans to keep CPU and its powerful GPU run cool at all times. For storage, you get whopping 512GB SSD which is unheard of in this price range.
Asus K501UW

# 15.6″ matte display with 1080p resolution
# 8GB RAM; 512GB SSD Storage. Backlit keyboard
# Core i7-6500U processor + Nvidia GTX 960M graphics

Asus X540LA

This Asus ultrabook comes with whopping 1TB aka 1000GB hard disk drive that should be more than enough for your multimedia collection. The main reason this laptop is here because our reviewers loved its keyboard. It is full size as you can see in the image. It is comfortable keyboard with rubberized key covers. They have good key depth and tactile response. It looks attractive and handles your daily computing tasks like a champ. It runs incredibly quite too since it is a fanless laptop.

Asus X540LA

# 15.6″ HD 1366×768 resolution
# 4GB RAM + 1000GB hard disk drive; DVD drive
# Core i3-5020U processor + integrated graphics

Dell Inspiron i5559

If you fancy an ultrabook with touchscreen, consider getting Dell Inspiron i5559 laptop. This Dell ultrabook is thin, light and packs touchscreen panel. Simply interact with the laptop with your fingers and did we tell you windows 10 is very finger friendly operating system? This Dell laptop is powered by the sixth generation processor that gives great battery life and performance. The keyboard is definitely one of the best we have used on a laptop. The touchpad supports multi-touch gestures. Typing on this backlit keyboard is effortless. You will crunch in alphabets and numbers with ease. All keys are in right positions and nothing is downsized or feels out of place. Build quality of this laptop is very nice and we expected nothing less from Dell Inspiron brand. It is one of most powerful, yet cheap laptops with DVD drive so you can watch and burn DVDs.
Dell Inspiron i5559-1747SLV

# 15.6″ FHD 1920×1080 touchscreen panel
# 8GB DDR3L RAM + 1000 GB HDD; DVD drive, real sense camera
# Intel Core i5-6200u + integrated graphics, Windows 10 Operating System

Asus F556UA-AB32

Asus F556UA comes with ergonomically designed keyboard with IceCool technology that keeps the palm rest at comfortable temperature. The keyboard has full size layout with numeric keypad. The keys have decent pitch and you will be able to type comfortably for prolonged duration easily. The touchpad accepts smart windows 10 gestures perfectly. Our favorite part, however is the full HD display that is hard to find in this price range. The final result is a crisp display that is excellent for working with documents, web surfing, emails and videos.
Asus F556UA-AB32

15.6” matte FHD display
ASUS IceCool Technology keeps the palm rest area cool at all times for comfortable use.
5th generation Intel Core i3-6100U processor
4GB RAM, 1000GB hard disk, DVD drive, Windows 10 (64bit) preinstalled